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Do you feel Lucky?

I hope you said yes. If you did you are probably a lucky person. Lucky people feel lucky. They believe that good luck will come their way. And amazingly, it does.

Luck (also called fortuity) is a chance happening, or that which happens beyond a person’s control. Luck can be good or bad (as in; Good fortune or misfortune). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don’t like?” –Jean Cocteau

“Impossible situations can become possible miracles.” –Robert H. Schuller

Well, You just got lucky! You found the luckiest website of the internet! Here are a collections of everything related to “LUCK” , “Geting LUCKY” , tips and tricks to “Have Lady Luck Look Your Way”.

Instead of chasing luck aimlessly .. Have good luck come to you!

Four leaf clover or Rabbit’s foot?

Lucky Charm 4 Me

Superstitions Bring Real Luck

By: Amber Angelle

May It All Come True!

Study Reveals Superstitions Bring Real Luck,

The next time you cross your fingers or tell someone to break a leg, you may actually be bringing some luck.

Superstitious ways of bringing good luck are found in cultures around the world, and it turns out they may be ubiquitous for a very good reason: To some extent, superstitions work. New research shows that believing in, say, the power of a good luck charm can actually help improve performance in certain situations, even though the charm and event aren’t logically linked.

This is what a team of psychologists at the University of Cologne in Germany report in the May issue of the journal Psychological Science. In a series of experiments employing tasks involving memory and motor skills, the scientists studied the effect of behavior and “object superstitions” – which rely on good luck charms – in college students.

Cross your fingers

The first experiment looked at the influence of the concept of good luck in a test of putting a golf ball. Experimenters handed participants a ball, and those who were told the ball was lucky tended to outperform those who weren’t.

In another experiment, participants were given a cube containing tiny balls and a slab with holes. The goal was to get as many balls in the holes as quickly as possible. Again, participants who were told, “I’ll cross my fingers for you,” by the experimenter performed better.

The final two experiments involved a lucky charm brought by each participant. In a memory test and an anagram test, the participants who were permitted to keep their lucky charms with them performed better.

Boosted confidence

To find out if superstitious beliefs were truly giving students an edge, the scientists surveyed them before the final two experiments to gauge their confidence levels. The participants who kept their good luck charms set higher goals for what they wanted to achieve on the tasks, and said they felt more confident in their abilities.

“Engaging in superstitious thoughts and behaviors may be one way to reach one’s top level of performance,” the researchers write in the journal article.

People often become superstitious when faced with unknown and stressful situations, possibly explaining why athletes and students are often superstitious, the researchers say. Engaging in a superstition could reduce tension related to a high-stakes competition or an exam.

As the study showed, superstitious beliefs may also increase a person’s belief in his or her own abilities and talents.

“Superstitious behavior won’t help you win the lottery,” said Barbara Stoberock, a psychologist and co-author of the study. “But it could help you win a sporting event or pass a test,” she told Life’s Little Mysteries.

And what may seem like a “lucky break” when the underdog team wins may really be the result of team-wide, superstition-induced confidence.

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Lucky Charm

182 Million websites

on the Internet and growing…

you found this one.. IS IT LUCK?

13,000,000 to 1: Odds of winning the California lottery

10,000,000 to 1: Odds of becoming president
576,000 to 1: Odds of being struck by lightning
88,000 to 1: Odds of dating a supermodel
60,000 to 1: Odds of striking it rich on Antiques Roadshow

10,000 to 1: Odds of finding a four-leaf clover

5,000 to 1: Odds of getting a hole in one
563 to 1: Odds of catching a ball at a major league ballgame
215 to 1: Odds of dating a millionaire
175 to 1: Odds of being audited by the IRS
2 to 1: Odds of getting away with murder

Increase your odds of wining at everything

Locally, at Party World, 5568 Alpine Ave. NW, co-owner Anna Bekins said a line reached from the counter to the back of the store for parts of the day Tuesday as customers came to try their chance at winning millions.

The store has sold its share of winning tickets, including prizes of $1 million, $300,000 and $100,000 in recent years, Bekins said.

And although the idea sounds crazy to some, Bekins attributes the luck to a four-leaf clover her husband found in the store’s back room shortly after opening 26 years ago. That clover now is taped to the lottery ticket machine, and he makes sure to wipe each customer’s ticket over it before making the sale.

“A lot of people don’t want it wiped even once, but twice. They might even have to touch it themselves,” Bekins said of the clover. “One lady a couple years ago tried to walk out the door with it, but we stopped her.”

Store owners appreciate the increased business large jackpots generate.

Cory Morse | The Grand Rapids PressDan Bekins, left, and Dave Castor sell Mega Millions lottery tickets at Party World, 5568 Alpine Ave. NW, Comstock Park on Tuesday night. The store claims to be the luckiest store in Michigan saying they’ve had five major lottery jackpot winners after Bekins found the leaf clover behind the store 24 years ago. The Mega Millions lottery jackpot is up to $355 million. Bekins is the owner and Castor works as the store manager.

There Are Two Kinds of People in the World:

Those Who Have Found Their Four-Leaf Clover, and Those Who Are Still Looking.

“Many an opportunity is lost because a man is out looking for four-leaf clovers.” – Unknown Author

Don’t You Know Someone Who Could Use A Bit of Luck?

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Easy Methods To Live A Pleased And Hassle-free Life

We are young children of God, we need to discover his system to comprehend how you can reside a useful life-style. God wishes the best of all of us; he is the king of kings. God functions mighty miracles in our daily life according to our religion. Our believe in in God assists us get non secular and bodily therapeutic as a result of his Glory. When occasions of trial come, faith can give us strength to press forward and face our hardships with courage. Even when the future seems uncertain, our religion in the Savior can give us inner peace.

Do you extremely come to feel like you don’t know who you might be anymore? If that’s the case, that could be the goal you are not encountering the kind of joy we’re speaking about best right here. But where do you begin?

You bet! And it is a straightforward a single! As a substitute for looking at ourselves together with the “eyes” within the “I”, allow’s commence concentrating on genuine, unselfish adore-the type that that excludes the disenchanting “I”!

Never you imagine that a way of life with out pleasure, a feeling of fullness, can be a way of living lived in vain? Its a life-style like that of the log of wooden or stone. With out adore daily life is meaningless. Is there any solution to this malady? Yes. We must produce adore that in no way modifications, adore that’s enduring. The item of our adore have to in no way stay separated from us, by no suggests desert us. With this sort of an item obtaining all our adore it positively will under no circumstances be divided from us and from others.

You’ll find multivitamins and many meals dietary dietary supplements and genetically modified meals stuffs. Now guy is able to reside in sensible homes, can you toilet train a baby but nevertheless we never have happiness system and peace of thoughts. We are also busy to discover leisure time for ourselves and for our near to and expensive ones. Amid this chase we’ve forgotten to direct a joyful way of living. We have now misplaced the feeling and magic of contact.

Dream and establish a profession or an occupation regardless of what’s your standing in existence. Spot your self into it with all of your may possibly and good results will probably be just close to the corner. Maturity indicates hobbies like music, portray, producing, foreign language, publications, character, exploration, and social companies. Around the non secular element, attempt for being often near to your God. What ever faith or faith you may have, quite often bear in mind that religion usually evokes the fundamental really good characteristics of guy.

“Maya & Filippo See ‘Impossible’ Issues within the Garden Metropolis”, in which brother and sister find that the fact that they have by no implies seen something prior to doesn’t mean it does not exist.

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Be Alot More Inventive – Are You Currently Creating Space In Your Lifestyle For Creativity To Fill?

Does the thought of writing – one thing – just freeze you up? Do you begin procrastinating in lieu of sit down in front of the personal computer? Even performing–shudder!–housework? You’re not by yourself.

An additional purpose that the LEGO brand identify is so well-liked is due to the organizations strategic partnerships. They’ve got teamed up with hugely fashionable brand names in get to additional the good results with the LEGO brand. A few of these partnerships have incorporated Sponge Bob, Harry Potter, Batman, Indiana Jones and Bionicle. This has permitted them to produce LEGO toys that may be promoted to fans of exact brand names. It’s been an amazing way for your organization to deliver in additional service.

Any time you stage from your comfort zone, you will be numerous than the crowd, but you are going to reside a existence stuffed with colors, textures, as well as a richness that countless skip. Ascertain now to attempt some matter from the usual, and see what creativity flows from you and to you if you do. You need to have all that existence has to make available. Why not produce a new choice these days?

You can actually select to journal at whenever. I suggest that in the event you wake up from the morning feeling nervousness get from bed promptly, make your self a calming cup of tea or scorching chocolate, location on calming or spiritual music, then find a cozy spot to sit and journal.

Residing with energetic means of existence, diet program programs saved with your pantry may very well be pickled asparagus, cocktail crackers and tiny jars of caviar for choose-up appetizers and also other hostess presents.

The game within the week expert to have been the brand new Orleans Saints trouncing of the New England Patriots. Nobody saw that 1 coming,toilet training girls especially New England. Coach Bellichick merely looked dazed throughout the publish-game push conference. The Saints shut down Tom Brady’s offense and racked up within a 38-seventeen romp.

Your displayed furnishings can have aesthetics objective and dual use. For the cabinets you can share placing some ceramic wares and a few added stocks like pasta or canned items. It is all a produce a variation of arranging them properly in order that they could not appear messy or jumbled. A pantry may very well be so straightforward but functional. What you demand to carry out is usually to organize and make it match for your family’s necessities.

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