Sex Toys For Couples

Times are changing and there are now sex savvy manufacturers who design luxury sex toys, vibrators, and dildos for women that go beyond the classic dildos of yesterday. Sex toys are still made for men and women alone but now they are also for couples to share together. Of course, there are many solo adult toys made that can also be used by couples together. Today however, there are some top sex toy choices, designed specifically for couple play, that allow for simultaneous pleasure and orgasms.

An incredible idea and an extremely popular toy is the We-Vibe II. Its designed to stimulate you and your partner simultaneously in three ways at once during sex. The unique C-shape, is hands-free and worn inside and outside of the woman. One end rubs against her clitoris while the other is sandwiched between her G-Spot and his penis. The powerful vibrations and pleasure waves from the internal vibrating motor an amazing stimulation for both lovers.

From my personal experience after my husband and I tried it for the first time, we thought it was absolutely amazing! I dont personally feel it wouldn’t be a great toy alone since vibe isn’t strong enough for that, but I love it when we used it together. It seems to have just enough vibrating strength to keep me enjoying the slow build up and from orgasming way too fast. There are plenty of toys out there for self satisfaction, so its great to finally find one that stimulates us both at the same time. I didnt feel uncomfortable at all, although it did move out of place a couple of times. My husband seems to have liked it just as much as I did.

The nine orgasmic modes ,designed to sensually pleasure both of you at once, had my husband enjoying it as much as I did..

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