List of Good Luck Charms

List of Popular Good Luck Charms

by Lucky Charms

If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to have all the luck in the world whereas others seem to lurch from one period of bad luck to the next, taking one step forward and three steps back. The answer could be a simple good luck charm. People all throughout the history of the world have always been fascinated with, and intrigued by, the Law Of Attraction, as well as the use of magical and mystical items like good luck charms. Different cultures all seem to have their own favourite lucky charm. The Irish consider the Shamrock as a good luck charm, whereas the Scots claim Heather as a lucky charm. Both the Turks and the Greeks agree that a blue bead with an eye marking upon it wards off the Evil Eve and curses.

Carrying a good luck charm something that is a tangible and physical representative of aligning to the powerful Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction in simple terms explains that we draw towards ourselves positive energies if we think, act and are positive people. If you really want to attract a lover, a soul mate, your perfect match, or even just a friend with benefits, sometimes a good luck charm can help and is even more powerful when combined with the Law Of Attraction. Other people who want to improve an existing marriage or partnership, or introduce some awesome tantric sex into the act, can also sometimes benefit from good luck charms, and love attracting amulets.

There are folks who want to find a new job, more business success, increased earnings, more money, huge investment returns, or even a cash windfall of some sort, and there are many good luck charms and money attracting amulets to help these folks as well. Some folks want huge gambling winnings, and even lottery prizes, and why not try a good luck charm? It just might help! You never know until you try!

Here are just a few of the more recognisable Good Luck Charms:

The most recognisable symbol of good luck is that of the Horseshoe. Placed upright, on a front door it is believed to allow good luck to enter your home.


The three leafed clover of the Shamrock symbolises not only the Holy Trinity but also health, wealth and happiness. The ‘luck of the Irish’ has always been associated with the wearing of the Shamrock.


The Acorn is of course the nut of the Oak tree. Carrying a fallen Acorn is believed to ensure youthfulness to the owner and can attract both wealth and love.


Lucky heather, worn in the lapel, particularly purchased from a Gypsy, is said to bring good luck and health to the wearer.

Evil Eye Protection

The Evil Eye, usually inadvertently placed upon someone, can lead to bad luck, illness, loss of wealth and loss of sexual libido. Carrying or wearing a blue coloured bead with an eye upon it helps protect against the Evil Eye.


The five pointed star known as a Pentacle, when encircled becomes a Pentagram. This ancient symbol represents the powerful elements of air, earth, fire, water and Spirit. Wearing a Pentagram is very protective and will bring good lucky to the wearer.

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Chinese Lucky Money

The Chinese give red envelopes of money, called Hung Bao, during the Chinese New Year and at weddings. Symbols of wealth and luck usually decorate the outside of the red money packages. Red envelopes are used for Chinese lucky money as the Chinese consider red the color of luck and happiness. Most of the red envelopes sold for the use of Hung Bao have Chinese symbols of luck and happiness on the outside. Some of these envelopes are very elegant and fancy with embossed gold designs on a rich red background. All Hung Bao given in red envelopes is considered to work against evil.


  • In Chinese astrology, the tiger is also considered a protector against theft.
  • In Western culture a rabbit’s foot is considered lucky.
  • And in Africa, alligator teeth are said to bring luck to gamblers.
  • Horseshoes are thought to bring good fortune when hung on the wall of a home or above a doorway.

Crystals and Money

Practitioners believe that crystals have energy. Crystals to improve monetary situations include Amazonite, Aventurine, Cat’s Eye, Chiastolite, Citrine, Fairies’ Cross, Jade, Selenite and Tiger’s Eye.

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