Designing Feng Shui Colors For Business Success

A traditional color wheel displays a myriad of hues that can inspire many different moods. But a feng shui colors wheel might look very simplistic when compared to the one at the local paint store. The use of color can enhance or alter one’s mood and additionally has the power to focus energy in various directions.

Many business owners don’t take the time to consider that how they decorate an office may have a huge impact of productivity and profitability. Many just go with whatever already exists when they rent an office space. Others choose the wrong hues and set the tone for disaster without ever knowing that their color choices played a role in their business’ failure.

If the business is a modeling agency the choices must be very different than if the business is an insurance brokerage. In each office, the business owner can expect to have people visiting the office frequently. How the space looks and feels is critical to a successful first impression. For an insurance broker a Fire element choice of red or hot pink could spell disaster. But for a modeling agency the choices could certainly lead to phenomenal success.

It’s no wonder that the colors blue and black have long been used in professional wardrobes. Associated with Water, these colors draw in an energy attached to abundance. Serious in nature, black and blue tones can also put others at ease. Their traditional tone sets feelings into play that are attached to stability and professionalism.

Looking a little deeper and flipping the use of color a bit for evaluation purposes, let’s review the use of the colors mentioned so far. While hot pink may enhance the mood of a throw pillow or brighten the feel of a room through a flower vase, most people would laugh or have serious concerns if their attorney showed up in court wearing a hot pink suit.

Likewise, walking through the door to a room that was decorated solely in blue and black tones may easily make one feel that the atmosphere was a little cold and even watery in nature. If the room was supposed to be in an environment that should elicit hope and happiness the choice of color may have the opposite effect.

In any endeavor the element of trust is critical to success. Knowing why the choices one makes in decor and how feng shui colors can attract or distract the right clients is probably more important than most professionals realize. Surely an insurance agent may get away with using hot pink in their office if their clientele is niched toward young women. Obviously a modeling agency that wants to appear hard to reach and lofty can still succeed at getting their point across with black and blue hue. Still, keying in on what color tells your prospects and clients is well worth serious consideration when making choices for a business’ ultimate success.


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