Feng Shui — Does “Lucky Bamboo” Bring Luck?

This is an excerpt of what a so-called (un-named) Feng Shui Professional had to say about Lucky Bamboo on her internet site.  She tries to make people believe that of all of the “Feng Shui Cures” Lucky Bamboo is one of the very best.  And as these plants (she called them ornaments) are still to be found in local flower shops all over the country she is flabbergasted that most people do not give the lucky bamboo the attention it deserves.  I wonder if she implies that as soon as people see the “real value” of lucky bamboo it will be taken off the shelves?

The author of the article argues that most owners of these wonderful lucky bamboos fail to give the lucky bamboo the proper care it needs.  In her eyes it is a fact that some of the lucky bamboo plants are barely clinging on to life, because their owners are much too focused on work in order to take care of the plants.  This Feng Shui Professional is saddened because aside from the fact that lucky bamboo does not only carry good luck, yet furthermore makes a great ornament. “It would be a shame if we just let them die out”, she says.  I agree – it would be very sad to let any plant just die of starvation.  She specifically finds it odd since lucky Feng Shui bamboo is very resilient and easy to maintain.

Well, maybe this “Feng Shui Professional” is correct that the owners really have neglected the lucky bamboo far too much – especially if the plant has died.  She considers bamboo plants from a Feng Shui point of view to be very lucky because she believes that they signify growth and vitality giving homes a peaceful Chi (energy) as well as giving people ideas how to stay flexible in their lives.  Oh yes, another revelation is that lucky bamboo encourages simplicity in peoples lives because the energy of the lucky bamboo can help rejuvenate them.

“A plant not even big enough to be considered to act like a Feng Shui Wood Remedy because of its small size.“

At this point I have to say it flat out:  I am the proud owner of a lucky bamboo, and as a Feng Shui Consultant I come across many articles about the subject of Feng Shui, but this one is about the most ridiculous one I have read since……  okay, since yesterday.By looking at my own “lucky bamboo” in my company’s office, I am aware of the fact that this little plant has never offered me any kind of ideas and inspirations on how I can stay flexible in my life neither did it ever help to rejuvenate me.It is what it is: A plant in need of care and water!  A plant not even considered to be big enough to be counted as a Wood remedy.  (The Five Elements are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal)

Getting back to the article we should all consider ourselves to be lucky when we find bamboo plants growing in our backyards producing a sound that soothes and comforts us, while at the same time acting like a “natural bamboo wind chime”.  Honestly?  I do not want this “natural bamboo wind chime” in my back yard because as pretty as a bamboo hedge might is – the messy leafs shedding off the plant would not help the “Chi” of my swimming pool.

At this point in her article the advice gets even worse, underlining her lack of knowledge on the subject of Feng Shui.

As she must have heard about the “Five Elements” she now goes on to give precise advice how to dress up this little innocent plant to become the powerful Feng Shui machine it is supposed to be.   According to her as the lucky bamboo represents the Wood element we need to add the other four elements.  As the Wood element is embodied by the bamboo itself, you can simply add Earth by placing some rocks and soil to the arrangements.  As you are feeding the plant with water you just added the element of Water; tie a red ribbon around the plant to add the element of Fire.  And by placing the plant into a glass pot you added the element of Metal according to her.  Glass is Metal?  Tell this to a scientist…..!   Oh, last but not least: If you are using the “old fashioned ceramic pots”, you can add metal coins to it……. according to her article.  Amazing!

But as much as she was flabbergasted that people do not take care of their plants: I am totally flabbergasted by the following:

“The number of bamboo stalks in an arrangement indicates on what aspects a person wants to focus on.  If you want luck in happiness, get three stalks (for the arrangement). 5 stalks of the lucky bamboo plant improve many health related issues as well as longevity – and by getting 2 stalks of this beautiful bamboo plant you will be able to improve your luck on marriage as well as love issues.  To achieve wealth and other resources, get eight stalks.  For a good overall fortune, you need to get nine stalks.”

This article I found on the internet is only one example on how so-called “Feng Shui Professionals” mislead the public.  All it is: Wishful Thinking…  Feng Shui is not to be confused with “Numerology” as implied by how many stalks of “Feng Shui Bamboo” one needs.  The variety of misleading information is over-whelming.  At this point I would like to point out that it is not the lady who wrote the article is to blame.  To blame are the inventors of “New Age Feng Shui” which found its roots in the 1980th.  It is a quick money making scheme with a very well organized marketing.  Thousands of books exist on the subject – and the only reason these books were written is, because they are easy to write.People are always looking for the easy answer – when they need to loose weight they hope for to be able to achieve this by eating as many burgers as they can; when it comes to Feng Shui they fall for trinkets like “Lucky Bamboo” and so-called “Feng Shui Crystals”. Follow us on Twitter: @fengshuiatwork or in ezDesigns

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