Increasing Your Wealth Luck With The Three Legged Frog

When someone wants to attract wealth and prosperity to their life they place a three legged frog somewhere in their home or workplace. This mythical creature, according to Feng Shui, emerges when a full moon is present and brings good fortune and wealth. Sometimes it is called the Money Frog or Chan Chu, but no matter what it is called, this symbol is found all over Asia and around the world. Many people place them around a home and also in the work place to attract good luck with money.

This good luck charm is depicted as a frog sitting upon a mound of gold coins. It has red eyes, flared nostrils, and a coin placed in its mouth. One or more of these in a business or a home is thought to increase and protect wealth and money. But it is also a considered a symbol that protects wealth already in a home or business. There are a few different ways to display this frog in attracting wealth.

The door is said to be the best placement for this frog. Placing one near the door facing inwards is said to attract wealth from the outside and protecting it. If you have two, placing one inwards and the other facing out not only draw money in and protects it, it’s said to signify the collection of money from outside and bringing it inside.

For those that practice Feng Shui, they already know that the Wealth Sector of the workplace or home is very important in attracting money. That is why a money frog would go well in that location, which is the southeast direction of the business or home. This will enhance luck with money and also provide monetary gains for other members of the home or business.

If a business is looking to expand, using this lucky charm in places where there is the most customer interaction is beneficial. Those should be places like the cash register and the counters as it will create a better money making environment. Someone that relies upon tips to supplement their income would benefit from placing one of these on their desk or near the front door in a diagonal direction. This is believed to subconsciously influence a client to leave a tip.

For best results, placing nine frogs in the same area attracts the best energy. The nine placements are a symbol of the nine directions of a compass and the inwards flow of money. These could be placed around a living room or even in the front yard. They must all face different directions though. Three or six frogs can be sufficient in attracting wealth when nine is not possible.

A three legged frog around a home or workplace has always been known as a symbol to attract money and prosperity into a life. The Asians have used this money frog as a good luck charm in their home and in the workplace, and now other parts of the world are following suit. Whether one practices Feng Shui or not, having at least one of these in the home is believed to attract good luck, protection, and money.

About the Author:
James Tien is a Chinese culture writer. He recommends Absolutely Feng Shui for more information on Face Moles Meaning and Three Legged Frog.

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